Polymer Lab

About Us

Youthful. Innovative. Passionate.

Yes, that’s who we are. We are one of the largest manufacturers of windows & doors in Pakistan. At the same time, we extrude Aluminium & PVC profiles, manufacture aluminium alloy ingots & billets, and sell other building materials.

We are part of the LUCKY Group of Companies. LGC includes the following entities:

-Lucky Aluminium (Pvt) Ltd (Aluminum Extrusions)
-Lucky Industries (Pvt) Ltd (Plastic Films)
-New Era Industries (SMC Pvt) Ltd (Windows & Doors, Aluminum Alloy Ingots)

LGC is involved in diverse businesses that span Building Materials Manufacturing, Packaging, and Warehousing.


Aluminum Extrusion
PVC Extrusion
Aluminum Alloy Furnaces for Ingots & Billets
Window & Door Fabrication Plant (uPVC, Aluminum, Wood)
Polymer Lab
Metal Lab
Window Hardware Stock


Windows & Doors (uPVC, Aluminum,, Wood)
Aluminum Ally Ingots & Billets
PVC Window & Door Profiles
Aluminum Window & Door Profiles
Aluminum Composite Panels
Polycarbonate Sheets
PVC Cable Ducting Profiles

Our Values

The single reason for our existence is the pursuit of satisfaction for all our stakeholders. We believe we can build our brand and reputation if we provide our customers better value for their money, and our employees an opportunity to grow beyond themselves.

Honesty, sincerity and expertise are values that can not be compromised.

We like to dream. Dreams are always welcome. Because if you really work at them with all that you have, dreams do come true!

We treat our customers, suppliers, employees, and other stake holders as partners. We believe, all of us can achieve our highest potential working together: not alone